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Our story

At TAP, we are doing things differently. Powered by our proprietary software, Scout, we have eliminated the overhead that comes with traditional agency overhead.

Our project managers work with a globally distributed team to deliver sophisticated strategy and flawless execution for clients of all sizes.

Our strategy

Our talent network has experience in all industry, tactics and mediums. That means your team is the right team. We deploy talent according to your specific immediate and long term needs, fluctuating workload accordingly.

No more wasted time. No more wasted dollars.

Our promise

Simply put, we help businesses achieve growth. While impressions and clicks are important, we care more about leads and revenue. When we talk to you about performance, we lead with metrics that actually matter.

Agency model. Non-agency prices.

We build your unique agency team based on your specific needs. Our model means you don’t have to break the bank.

Starting up
Our starting package for small business looking to kickstart their marketing efforts
Complete physical and digital assets upgrade
Basic lead generation and funnel automation
SEO analysis and execution
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Our core offering for small-to-medium sized businesses that are ready to scale. Starting up plus:
Complete Audit (see below)
Advanced lead generation and funnel automation
Paid advertising account set up and optimizations
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Our high-impact offering structured for businesses that are investing in massive and immediate acceleration of growth. Growing plus:
Upgraded branding package
Multi-funnel campaign structure
Advanced reporting and analytics
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Barcelona, Spain

A global, multidisciplinary art and graphic designer, Mariano crafts exquisite concepts with a distinct signature.


Lubbock, TX

With a masters in Psychology and Criminology, Rai has a keen understanding of how to turn a click into a customer.


Montreal, Canada

With a strong set of technical project management skills, Chelsey bridges with ease gaps that typically plague complex projects and relationships.

Understanding the bigger picture

“It is hard to know where to go without knowing where you have been.” - Anon.

Business Audit
Big Four talent
Deep dive into current business, team and process
6, 12 and 24 month plans
8 weeks
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Complete audit
Full Business Audit
Full Marketing Audit
Total Alignment analysis and recommendation
10 weeks
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Marketing audit
Skilled subject matter experts
Category, Customer, Competitor Analysis
Key recommendations, plans and roadmap
6 weeks
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Got a startup?

For startups
Initial branding
First website
Investor Deck w/ Growth Strategy
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Other needs?
We're entrepreneurial at heart ourselves, and we can sometimes negotiate on alternative compensation models for ideas we love. This includes equity, revenue share, sales commission and performance guarantees.
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